Advanced Strategies

Basic strategies are usually cosisted of a few statistical insights on blackjack odds and guideline of what to do in each case. Advanced Strategies are the combination of Basic strategies and card counting Card counting does not require a photographic memory as opposed to what most people believe, it doesn't take a genius to count cards, not with the techniques available to you today.

Why Advanced strategies?

Everyone heard of basic strategies and most people even use them, Casinos don't mind that people coming in with their charts cards and play according to them, they even sell them! The reason is that basic strategies don't make a change at all, and that's mostly because casino strategies are based on mathematical calculations basing on a whole deck, while in practice cards always decrease in played decks. That's why Card counting came in to improve your odds sagnificantly. Combining both basic strategies and Card Counting may involve complicated real time calculations and that's why professional blackjacking isn't just for anyone

Training Card Counting

Go read out Card Counting Section on this site, and then take a deck and start training. Emulate a game and start counting ask people to help you out playing with you. If you can't find anyone, dont hold back , force your wife into the game!

If you're done reading the blackjack strategies you might want to take a pass at some of the roulette strategies as if you want to play online roulette for real money and win at an online casino - it is not that difficult, you just need to learn the odds of each feature and you have more than 90% chance to gain money and not lose, just like in slots.

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