Blackjack Glossary

To be able to understand the game of blackjack one would have to learn the glossary or lingo of the game. There are different terms for different situations in blackjack. Here is a list of blackjack's commonly used glossary to help you know what the dealer and other player’s are talking about.

1.Anchor – the 1st player at the right of the dealer. It is also the last seat taken at the blackjack table.

2.Bankroll - the amount of money you plan to gamble or play.

3.Blackjack – when your first two cards total 21. It is also called a Natural 21. For example your first two cards are an ace and a jack. An ace has a value of 11 and a jack has a value of 10. Having a blackjack will make you win one and a half times of your original bet.

4.Break or Bust – when your cards exceed the total of 21. When you have cards that exceed the value of 21, you automatically lose.

5.Card counting – to remember the cards that have been played to predict the conditional probability of the remaining cards. Card counting is usually possible in a blackjack game with one or two decks.

6.Cut – splitting the deck of cards before they are dealt. Once the dealer has shuffled the cards, he or she will ask one of the players to cut the deck.

7.Cut card – a plastic card used to cut the cards after being shuffled. A cut card is colored and faceless.

8.Deal – distribute the cards to the players after being shuffled.

9.Discard Tray – a tray to place all the cards that are discarded or played. Usually found at the right side of the dealer.

10.Draw or Hit – adding another card to make your hand higher or closer to 21.

11.Double Down – to double your initial wager after the first two cards have been dealt. But when you double down, you are only allowed to make one hit. In the game of blackjack the player can double down his or her bet but can only draw one more card.

12.Early Surrender – to surrender before the dealer reveals he or she has a blackjack.

13.Even Money – to cash in your bet at a 1:1 payout when you have a natural blackjack but the dealer also has an ace card faced up. The same as insurance when you have been dealt a blackjack.

14.Face Cards – Jacks, Queens and Kings

15.Face Down Game – a game of blackjack where the first card is faced down and the 2nd is face up.

16.Face Up Game– both cards are face up.

17.First Base– the 1st seat to the dealer’s left. The first base is the first person given a card.

18.Hard Hand – a blackjack hand without an ace or an ace used as 1.

19.Heads Up – one on one play with the dealer.

20.Hole Card – the face down card of the dealer.

21.Pat– a blackjack hand not busted that has a value of at least 17.

22.Push – both the dealer and the player have the same total or a tie.

23.Shuffle up– premature shuffling of the dealer to prevent card counting.

24.Shoe – the device used by the casino to hold and disperse the cards.

25.Soft Hand – a blackjack hand with an ace used with the value of 11.

26.Split – if you have two cards with the same value you can play them separately.

27.Stand – to no longer ask for additional cards in the game of blackjack.

28.Stiff hand – a blackjack hand with little chance of winning. Examples of stiff hands are hard 12 through 16.

These are the common terms you will hear when you sit at a blackjack table. Learning what they mean will help you understand the game of blackjack better.

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