Spliting and doubling hands

You should be aware when and why you split a hand: Split a hand when you got a pair of cards. You should know why you would choose to split. For instance if you got a pair of fives you should never split, having a total of ten is a good situation for a third card. If you got a pair of tens you shouldn't split either. Standing would be a far better idea in that case with a total of 20. Remember that not all casinos will let you split, and some will only allow it once.


Seventeen and especially soft 17 is considered a edge in the casino . anything totaling below 17 and close is considered a bad hand, 16 for instance is considered a bad hand that is easy to beat, therefor a pair of 8's would be wise to split in the hope of getting a face card. The decision to split is mostly depended on the face up cards of the dealer. Various basic strategies cover the spliting of different pairs in according to the dealer's face up cards.

Doubling a hand

When you got this really good hand , let's say you got something like 9 10 or 11 or a soft 17, you might want to double your hand if the casino allows it. You might get lucky and win on both hands. This is a good idea since you're always waiting for that good start with a 11 or 10 so why not take advantage of your ability to double your odds?

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